Fiberglass Repair

The quality of our fiberglass repair is unparalleled. Similar to auto body repair, fiberglass repair can range drastically in its severity. It also takes a master’s hand to make the boat look just like new.

It is easy to damage a boat’s fiberglass, but it is important to get it taken care of quickly, before more damage occurs. Whether you have major structural repairs or just small chips or scratches, we have the skills and attention to detail to make your boat look just like new.

Your boat is exposed to the world’s toughest elements. The water, sun and wind will take its toll on your boat’s shiny fiberglass after a while. You can delay this process by constantly washing your boat to protect the finish, but if the gel coat is starting to look “chalky”, discolored or dull, then you will need the services of a fiberglass professional. Call us today!

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